Monday, June 28, 2010

My Horse

There was a look in her eyes that just gave me that good feeling inside. It was then when I purchased her from Linda Fisher. I have to admit, I wasn't looking for a 3 year old that needed training, I was looking for a 18 year old that was well broke, but there was just something about her eyes that I couldn't say no.

Miss Attitude was her name when I bought her, I didn't like the name at all and I was told I could change it. I gave it sometime to get to know her first before I would come up with a new name. It only took me a week to realize that the name fit her perfect. She was testy, ornery, and stubborn. In the field she would give me a look like, "No, I don't feel like riding today, you can go back home." It did make me laugh a couple times and it was then when I decided to keep the name and make it a little bit shorter and call her "Missy."

I am a wife and a mom to two beautiful girls, a two year old and a 5 year old. Most of my time prior to Missy, I was either working or playing mom. I wanted something that I did for me, just me. It was then when I approached my husband, Derek, and asked him if I could buy a horse. He looked at me and laughed, he thought I was kidding. Then I gave him "the look," and he knew I was serious. Derek doesn't know much, or should I say NOTHING, about horses, but he is a very supportive husband and didn't blink an eye and said, "do it."

So, I bought a horse! I didn't even own a halter, I haven't been on a horse since Middle School (and yes, that was a long time ago). What was I thinking? I remember looking at her after I purchased her, and said out loud, "now what?" I was told that she was under saddle for 30 days. What did that mean? What did I get myself into? But whenever I looked in her eyes my worries went away, I bought a horse, and I love her already. With all the testiness, orneriness, and subbornness aside, she is my horse.

Well, I didn't train her by myself, are you kidding me, I was still trying to remember what side you get on the horse. Sarah and others at the stable really helped me out in figuring even the basics of horsemanship. It wasn't easy, I have to admit there were times I wanted to throw in the towel, and say this just isn't for me, but then Missy would give me those eyes and I knew I couldn't give up. Missy and I will learn this whole horsemanship "thing" together it is our little adventure. I don't consider myself an experienced rider, but I like to ride, and I like to ride Missy.

I think that over time that my testy, ornery, and stubborn horse "Miss Attitude" has grown attached to me too, although I don't think she would admit it. There are days when I come out to the stable and walk into the field and call her name, her head picks up, she does a little neigh and trots over to me. I know that horses can't smile, but I know she was smiling, and asking me where have I been, and that I was late. Missy makes me laugh and takes a lot of my worries away from my everyday life, I am thrilled to enjoy this adventure with her.

I bought a horse named Miss Attitude!