Saturday, December 09, 2006

Check out this site:

It surely adds humor to your searches, but will that be enough?

Microsoft has definitely shown their sense of humor. This has become popular
at the office, but I don't see people actually using it for searches.. they
just use it to see what response "Ms Dewey" can give.

If you wait too long to enter a query, Ms. Dewey gets impatient.. and shows
a cute sexy side. Also, if you get fresh with Ms. Dewey she will put
you in your place.

Check out Ms. Dewey for yourself.


Funny Searches from

  • tied up

  • lonely

  • sports

  • cars

  • bill gates

  • baby

  • any sexual term

  • travel

  • html / flash / adobe

  • movie

  • film

  • house

  • ipod

  • mp3

  • city

  • microsoft


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