Saturday, May 10, 2008

Walmart SUCKS!

This is a comment I posted on the Walmart site on the experience I had at thier store (I usually don't shop at this store):

I went Walmart to buy 5 items. I did not bring in my re-usable bag 'cause I knew I only needed a few items and was just planning on carrying them out. When I went to the check out I told the teller to not put my items in a bag (bags are not good for the environment - and are filling our landfills and oceans) and that I would just carry the items out. He said to me that I had to have a bag to leave the store with items purchased. I told him I would have my receipt. He insisted that I had to have a bag and that I would be stopped and would not be able to leave the store without a plastic bag. This I think is uncalled for!! Walmart as other retail stores need to be more concerned about the environment. I hope that you contact this store and have other options to plastic bags. I will NOT shop at this store again because of my experience. Competing stores (Target, whole Foods, King Soopers) in the area offer reusable bags.


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