Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where to put a lead form on your website to get results!

Where to put a lead form on your website to get results!

I have built 300+ mortgage websites. Some of them get posted on GOOGLE as #1 and others you can’t find in the Google mess. I track the amount of leads and where people are clicking on websites so I can be a better designer for my clients. If I get a client to listen to what I am saying it WORKS!

So here it is –

Know why your visitors are coming to your site. This is an art! It takes time to find out why.

Know where your visitors are going once they get to your website. Yes you can do this.

Use google analytics it is FREE What I have seen is that your most popular links will be – interest rates, calculators, loan programs, refinance and hopefully the apply online – so why not put a lead form on those page? Short and friendly (name, phone, email, zip, comments), no one wants to fill out a full 1003 and most of all GIVE THEM A REASON TO FILL OUT THE FORM. Maybe you have a book that you are giving away? Or I have seen a funny one… a pen (a cool float pen) – give them something … any thing .. be creative.

I have had a customer get 100 leads a week from his one form on his homepage (note: he was advertising his website: radio, TV, print, website banners). I have other customers that are getting 20 leads a week from that same short form just by doing newspaper and radio ads.

Don’t just have a form on your contact page or your prequal page.. put it everywhere and change up what you will give them. In other words but it on your content pages, don’t link in your content to a form… put the form on that page.


1) Analysis your traffic
2) See where your visitors are going
3) Put a form on that page.

So, many people say my website isn’t working.. well then “FIX IT. - SNL”