Monday, September 06, 2010

Sin City

I know a place
Where the lights, light up the lights
Beautiful, magical, and wild
There must be somethin’ in the sun
Hot, Hot, Hot – in the shade
Layin’ underneath the palm trees
No time to take a rest, it is time to party

The Vegas girls are going out again
Bathtubs, Showers one is not enough
The more the better in penthouse style
Lip stick, Hair, Curly, Straight,
and of course piggy tails

That is the way we roll

Jamming in the clubs all night long
drop your lemons it is time for a lemon drop
Shot, Shot, Shot -- Shot, Shot
Shot, Shot, Shot

Feeling good, no feeling great
Feeling the music, feeling the beat

Wear your glasses, 'cause GAGA in the house
Meeting the 21 crew, they don't know what to do
Nerds, idiots, and freaks are more our style
Styling in our heels, and hurting in our feet
Dance, Dance, Dance -- Dance, Dance,
Dance, Dance, Dance
Stop talking, 'cause we just want to dance


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